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Everybody Wants An EPIC Life And Practice

EPIC4 is a Specialty Partnership Organization, or SPO. We partner with only specialists, recognizing that the dental specialist has different needs than does a general practitioner. We partner with those who want to be part of something bigger and better, something which cannot be obtained within the four walls of a single practice.
This partnership model has been designed to be effective in the rapidly changing landscape of specialty practice. We are different and we are here to help you create a practice journey and life journey which are both equally EPIC!


You are not going to find a bunch of business executive types on our Founders page. That's because EPIC4 was founded entirely by practicing doctors, the vision and goals set by those who are in the same situation you are in. A key part of that vision is our belief that all doctors should be offered equity.

Our 16 Founders practice in 13 different states, range in age from 35-62 years old, and have been in practice as few as 4 years and as long as 33 years. We are proud of the fact that 41% of our Founders are female, who offer an important perspective in a profession which is becoming increasingly female-driven. Once the vision for EPIC4 was created by the 16 Founder Partner Doctors, we then brought in the best business minds to help make our vision a reality.  This business leadership is critical, but they serve a support role and do not drive the EPIC4 vision and journey.

Moreover, our Founders are not just casual acquaintances; we are true friends who have been heavily invested in one another's personal and professional well-being for approximately 20 years as former members of the Schulman Study Group. EPIC4 had history before we even existed! Now, we are ready to welcome more doctors who hold similar values into this friendly, familial group. Perhaps you will be the next member of the EPIC4 family, ready to invest in something bigger than your individual practice, ready to form amazing friendships and business partnerships, enhancing your EPIC practice and life journey!

Built on Four EPIC Pillars

EPIC is an acronym representing the 4 pillars we are founded upon. The number 4 represents both the 4 pillars and the 4 stages of practice for which we offer customized practice enhancement solutions. The word "EPIC" also describes exactly what we are trying to be for the doctors who partner with us!

Equity for All!

Our Partnership Model is groundbreaking! We provide amazing affiliation opportunities for established doctors, allowing you to capitalize on your life’s work. For those doctors who do not already own an existing practice, we offer a unique model by which you are granted equity, the day you begin your journey with an EPIC4 supported practice. We believe in Equity for All.


Top notch

With a sound clinical foundation, EPIC4 is founded by and for excellent specialist doctors. The practices in this group are top notch. With that comes peak performance and these Founders are entrepreneurial and detailed minded in pursuit of excellence to cater to fellow specialists. Their unique business model will be hard to beat!

Dr. Alex Giannini

DSO Consultant - Aligned Dental Partners

Make Your Practice Journey and Life Journey EPIC

We are all on two distinct journeys: a practice journey and a life journey. While we all quite naturally include many others in our life journeys, most specialists have historically decided their practice journey needed to be taken solo. EPIC4 aims to change that mentality and bring to clinical practice that same support we have come to rely on in our personal lives. We are here to provide the back-office support, allowing you to focus on your patients and family. Things are always more rewarding and fun when done together...with EPIC partners!

An EPIC place to position yourself!

The early affiliates of EPIC4 Specialty Partners enjoy distinct advantages. By being an early adopter, you gain the benefit of having a larger voice within the organization. You will find yourself at the base of an organization where the opportunity for significant financial gain still exists. Take a look at any prominent organization in any industry today and you will find that "those who got in early" have experienced the greatest gain. Financially, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for doctors who get in early and the financial upside can't be beat.

While our partnerships are limited and selective, they all start with a simple conversation, initiated by a doctor looking for more in the next stage of their journey. Indeed, we have been astounded to have dozens of interested doctors reach out to us before we even launched!

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We can't stop the wave of change in our industry, so we must learn to ride it!

Sami Webb DDS, MS

Chief Executive Officer - EPIC4 Specialty Partners

Practice / Life Balance